Introducing Speciare Lunar Research Facility! It's a brand new, high-tech moon laboratory. Opening in 2081, it will be the leading research center for space medicine and extraterrestrial science for years to come. 



Use mouse to point and click to move, interact and use items.

Open your inventory by clicking the Inventory button on the bottom left of the screen.



Game created by float_oat

Title screen/intro music by ArennenBartin

Gameplay music by slappin salami

Other Assets used:


Source code:

This project is open source. View source code on Github


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:D funny game

Haha, this is great, fun stuff. How much of Unity's default stuff were used, though?

Thanks! I used some first party Unity assets like the Sci-Fi snaps and default font from TextMesh Pro. The game description has links to some other assets I used. Glad you had fun!